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from abroad

Our Specialist Dental Clinic is capable to provide top quality, evidence based periodontal and implant therapy to patients who visit us for a short period of time.

We have developed an efficient process, considering distance and time limitations.


1.First you need to contact us at or by phone. The entire process can be largely facilitated if you provide us with all the necessary information via e-mail, before you visit our office (your medical and dental history, dental records, x-rays, etc). This way, we can make an assessment of the present situation and form a rational treatment plan based on your dental needs and expectations

2.We present you the proposed treatment plan by e-mail or skype. This allows us to explain in detail the various treatment options and you can have the chance to have all your questions answered. At the same time, you will also be informed about the cost and duration of your treatment. Our practice charges no cost for this consultation.

3.Once you agree with the treatment plan, we book in advance the necessary appointments. In case you need help with flight reservations and accommodation our patient care coordinator can be at your assistance.


4.Upon arrival we will examine you and collect any additional diagnostic information that is required. We discuss further with you the final treatment plan and the treatment can begin.

Non-surgical periodontitis treatment, applying the laser assisted ‘full mouth disinfection protocol’, can be completed in averagely 2 days. Implant placement can be performed in one appointment if all the necessary preparations are fulfilled. With regard to prosthetic rehabilitation it may take 6-10 days (depending on complexity of the case) to be accomplished. For the permanent restoration of your implants, a second trip will be required at least 3-6 months later. 


5.On your departure you will receive all the documentation of the dental work provided in our Specialist Dental Clinic. We are always at your disposal for follow-up instructions, advice or information following completion of your treatment.

6.Fundamental of long term success is regular maintenance of dental treatment, something we typically provide in our Specialist Dental Clinic.
In case you cannot attend our office for dental maintenance, it is our core value to be in cooperation with the colleague, your regular dentist in your home place, for continuing maintenance of the periodontal or implant treatment, as essential part for long term success.